General Rules for Practice

General Rules for Practice

Open Mats: 9/20 – 11/9
* Headgear is not mandatory for the first several open mat practices. We will be getting the kids in shape and focusing on techniques, drills, and skill building, not emphasizing live wrestling, so if you don’t have headgear yet it’s ok.  But please get a pair soon!

* Wrestling shoes are mandatory so make sure you get those early.  It is difficult to wrestle in socks and feet carry germs so we require wrestling shoes on the mat.  We also have a shoe bank so contact Randy if you have a need; we may have a pair you can use or have.

Regular Season: Nov 13 – March 3

* Both headgear and wrestling shoes are MANDATORY and required for practices during the season which begins November 13, 2017.

* Plan on practicing in tight fitting shorts and t-shirt.  (Change into your wrestling shoes – they are to be worn on the mat only!!!)

* Bring plenty of water (don’t rely on water fountains) – wrestling practices tend to be harder than most sports.

* Should bring small gym bag with wrestling shoes, clean shirt to change into after practice, jacket and hat (kids will get sick walking outside in cold weather with wet shirt and no hat)

* Finish eating an hour before practice to allow time to digest; eat healthy food, lean protein and complex carbohydrates for energy and to repair the muscles we will be building. No fast food, Eat SMART!

* Stay away from soda, greasy food, or sugar before practice.

* Bantams, kids 7 years and younger will be on Squad #1

* Midgets 8 & 9 years old and Juniors 10 and 11 years old will be on Squad #2

*Intermediates 12 years and older will be on Squad #3

* Age is determined as of Dec 31, 2017.

* We MAY move kids around the first month or so to make sure they are in the squad that is best for them

* We do sometimes honor special requests for squads, but must have a good reason – the squads are broken up based on age, size, and ability. Being on the “wrong” squad may not be what is best for the wrestler.