Coaching Instruction

Sample Practice Template


Hand Fighting: –Cary Kolat

  • Establish Inside control
  • Always try to bring opponent head down and away, toward a front headlock position, bring to mat if can
  • Take eye sight away, wear opponent out
  • Push opponent, feel reaction back, hard collar tie moving head away and circling our feet, maintaining a good stance
  • Objectives: Break opponent stance so we can shoot or force a bad shot, make opponent carry our weight, wearing them out

Fundamental movement techniques – Shadow Wrestling: Cary Kolat

  • Maintain good stance, weight on toes
  • Change level
  • Box / Square Stance (motion circle to right / left)
  • Stagger/Sugar foot Stance (move forward, backward, and lateral)
  • Shots (high crotch, double leg, low single, sweep single)
  • Setups: Under Hook, Arm drag, Attack Fakes
  • Defense: Down Block, Sprawl



Folkstyle core techniques: