Fundraising is very important to the program as it helps us cover the large capital expenses that we incur over time. The money we charge for registration and the money we bring in through concessions at our home meets each year just covers the cost to operate the program on a yearly basis.

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Happy Hubz Fundraiser


HappyHubz is a military veterinarian run nonprofit that helps other nonprofits raise funds through the purchase of animal products online.  Our goal is to help LOUYYA Wrestling raise funds for wrestling mats and other equipment.  Simply view the attached flyer and see how to register to start donating!  You are basically leveraging the same amount of money you normally spend on animal products with a portion of the purchase being donated to LOUYYA Wrestling, if applicable, receive a tax write-off, and have the products shipped to your door!  Just think how a small amount from each of you each month could help LOUYAA Wrestling!
Happy Hubz Wrestling Fundraiser
We are also able to conduct on-site vaccination and microchipping clinics to support any event as a fundraiser if you have any ideas.  We also accept donations to our PAUSE PC Fund which supports animal care of first responders and veterans.  If you have any questions, or suggestions,  please contact Scott Marko at


Future Expenses

We have spent several thousands on the program over the past 10 years on such items as:

  • Improvements (heating) to the Green Meadows Farm, our private wrestling facility in Urbana
  • New Wrestling mat purchased in 2017 used to practice at the Farm and for our Home meets
  • Singlets purchased in 2007 that we MUST replace next year at $4K cost
  • Wrestling clocks, bout tree numbers, and scales, that will eventually have to be replaced

Future purchases include an enclosed trailer ($3K) used to transport and store the wrestling mat and another wrestling mat ($6K)

We plan on hosting a few fund raising events this year and need everyone to participate.

Stay tuned for announcements regarding these events!

Contact Scott Marko with your ideas!