Practice Rules

  1. All mats are cleaned with disinfectant prior to practice by coaches.
  2. Use restroom PRIOR to practice. Wearing wrestling shoes into public restrooms is not allowed.
  3. Wrestlers NOT permitted out of wrestling room once practice begins.
  4. Bring own water (more than 16oz).
  5. Parents are discouraged from remaining at practice as rooms are not big enough. Siblings are OFF LIMITS at practice.
  6. Each wrestler must shower after each practice. Use good anti-bacterial soap such as DEFENSE or DIAL.
  7. Must wear wrestling shoes at practice and match.
  8. DO NOT WEAR wrestling shoes outside of practice area.
  9. MUST wear headgear during practice and when wrestling live.
    Headgear is MANDATORY at all matches.
  10. No belts, buckles, zippers, buttons, snaps, jewelry etc.
  11. Shorts and snug fitting t-shirts for practice.
  12. No loose baggy shorts or sweat pants for practice.
  13. If you want to wear more clothing, it must be tight fitting.
  14. Bring a change of clothes for after practice. Appropriate jackets and hats are expected.
  15. Recommend vitamin C during season.
  16. Recommend balanced diet. See Diet link.
  17. Weight loss by permission of parent only. Must discuss with commissioner and head coach  – Predator Staff will have final decision.
  18. Trim finger nails on regular basis. This is a league requirement and is strictly enforced.
  19. Watch hair length. If too long, they may not be able to wrestle until it gets cut.
  20. If you are sick, please stay home.
  21. Coaches and Predator staff have the final word in all matters. If there is a difference of opinion you need to discuss, contact the coach or commissioner after practice or after a meet.