Coaching Philosophy

The Predators coaching staff takes a holistic approach to training young athletes in preparing them to be both successful wrestlers and people.  We are a committed volunteer staff with a love for the sport and are grateful for the opportunity to share our techniques and many years of tournament experience and deep match knowledge.  Our focus is to prepare wrestlers for victory by obtaining positions of dominance on the mat.  Wrestlers focus on the fundamentals: a good stance, how to recognize opposite vs. toe-to-toe stances, and hand fighting techniques to obtain positions of advantage in order to setup and break down their opponents defense so they can score.  We help wrestlers develop an attack style mindset, fluid motion, and teach them to chain wrestle by linking moves with the highest probability of success so they can enjoy long successful wrestling careers even when competing at the highest levels. Wrestlers learn the meaning of working hard at practice and through that work, discipline their bodies and minds to overcome the challenges faced during competition.  An emphasis is placed on Neutral (on the feet) grappling, however, we also thoroughly instruct and train both top and bottom position techniques, strategies, and maneuvers.