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Tournament Preparation

Tournaments can be a grueling activity – for both wrestler and parents.    Here are some helpful tips and important REMINDERS!

  1.  Fingernails must be trim.   The referee will complete a skin check and fingernail check.  If the nails are too long, the child will not be able to wrestle until the are cut.  Coaches don’t like to cut other kids finger nails.   Please trim them PRIOR to the tournament.
  2. Singlets.   Make sure the tag is in the back.    Predators logo in front.
  3.  Check in with a coach:   The coaches will have predator shirts on and you will need to make sure you check in when you arrive so they know you are there.
  4. Arrive on time or a little early.   We will be in a group warming up.
  5. Be aware of your child’s bout numbers.  We usually write them on their hand so nobody forgets.   It is most helpful when parents also know when to send their kids to the coach to start warms ups.  Usually with about 4 matches ahead of your child’s, make sure they are with a coach to get ready.
  6. Coaches on the mat – Parents in the stands.   If you feel the need to be closer, it is ok to come to the mat and stay to the side for pics etc.   Please refrain from loudly yelling, coaching or talking to your child during a match.  The coaches job is to coach and any distraction will detract from 100% focus on the task at hand.   If you remain in the stands, cheer as loudly as you want!
  7. Food / snacks.  There are concession stands at the tournament.  Ironically they are not very good at supplying good wrestler food. They sell the standard candy and hot dogs.  Bring some good snacks they can munch on between matches.   PBJ sandwiches are good.  Dried fruits, granola bars, yogurts are good.   Water is the preferred hydration, but some kids just can’t go without the Gatorade.    Try not to bring soda, sugary drinks or foods.   It could be a longish wait between matches and having a sugar crash right before they hit the mat is not a good thing.
  8. Coaches will be running around making sure every wrestler has a coach in their corner.  No wrestler will wrestle without a Predator coach by their side.   It may be a last second effort to get there, but they will not start the match without one.
  9. Have fun.   For many, this will be the first experience wrestling in a real match against kids they do not know.   Intimidation can be a factor.  The coaches will be there and make sure every wrestler is taken care of.  A parent’s job is simple:   Positive attitude.   We all represent Predator Wrestling and hold ourselves to a higher standard.  Things don’t always go as we planned – but we always set the example for our children to follow.